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Choo Choo Charles Survival

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Are you looking for horror game? Choo choo charlies is horror game with amazing graphics and thrilling adventures gameplay. choo charlies horror game brings joy by playing choo choo charlies game that has jungle environment. Player has to move toward the cho choo train engine fire on this old train engine so target given how bullets fired on train engine. player has weapon like machine gun and fire on scary choo choo Charlies train engine Choo choo charlies horror game has wide play are in jungle and at different places scary choo choo charlies train engine held so player has to move toward choo choo charlie old train engine so this scary old train engine become scary on arrival and escape or be hunt in choo choo charlies scary game. you need to destroy cho cho charlies horror old train engine other wise this is blood thirsty of your. Choo cho charlies train engine has machine gun to fire on scary choo choo old train engine. you have to play all missions carefully because any time scary choo choo can attack on you that resulted to death. choo choo Charlies scary train engine may be waiting for you. when you travelling in jungle be carefully might be caught by choo choo charlies scary 3d. thus you have to load your machine gun every time to prevent attack of choo choo Charlies in scary jungle in dark knight mode. You can call help from your friends to fight with scary choo choo charlies scary old train engine so more learn about choo choo chalies game. all time this old scary train engine want destruction in the jungle so this choo choo charlie horror train playing is not easy so your goal to escape in the other wise scary train will damage you. Fun with your friends by playing choo choo Charlies horror game. Features of Choo choo charlies scary train

Keyboard and Mouse Controls

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