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Infinite Heroes

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Infinite Heroes is a board card game in which you need to join the magical world of adventure. Challenge the monster army and defeat the Demon. Simple at first glance, the game will present you with difficult challenges.

Creatures, artifacts, portals, spells and heroes. Play as a tireless adventurer, a powerful magician, a great warlock or any of the eight heroes!

Get loot and treasure to win. As you progress, the strength of your opponents will also grow, and in order to win, you will need to think through every step.

Features of the game:

⭐ Adventure Mode: Choose a hero and defeat all opponents.

⭐ Five beautiful locations: the hero's path lies through snow-capped mountains, dense forest, viscous swamp, hot desert and a fiery volcano.

⭐ Gameplay with endless combinations of enemies, treasures and portals creates unique conditions in each battle.


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