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Wildlife Animal Trivia:Test Your Knowledge!

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Animal Trivia rewards you for answering questions quickly, and the quicker you do it, the higher your score will be. This game is flawless for animal lovers, and is filled with exotic plants, animals, and wildlife all over the world. You can test your knowlegde in a fun way, or compete for the highscore with friends & family. Animal Trivia will exerise your brain in all kinds of ways, with a large amount of trivia questions, and even True & False! . With over 300 challenging questions packed into this exciting fun game, the word "boredom" will quickly leave your vocabulary! INSTRUCTIONS To keep this game as challenging as possible, the pause button will be revealed every 3-8 seconds, to keep you under pressure! You can always use the hint (yellow light bulb) if you are stuck on a question, and gain up to 700 points! You can also watch an advertisement, and gain 1,500 points, in case you get stuck! Stick above 100 points, you don't want to see that humiliating game over screen!

Use the mouse left click or tap on an option to select your answer

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